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How To Optimize Your Website For Google Search

The goal of SEO is to have the robots not just find your website and pages but also particularly rank the relevance of the page so that it comes top in search engine outcomes. The optimization process is not a one-time procedure but requires monitoring, continuous testing, tuning, and maintenance.

You must have read more on web page optimization, conversion optimization and SEO. Website optimization is the procedure of refining sites for better consumer experience, boosting online search engine traffic and most crucial enhancing business.

Web page optimization over the past few years has moved towards great page speed and user experience. Google has severally indicated that to enjoy the best user experience, you should focus on website optimization, and this leads to a better overall search ranking.

Over recent years, Google algorithm has significantly changed whereby Rank Brain which was introduced in 2015 is the new algorithm. Rank Brain relies on entire artificial intelligence, and if it discovers new searches which were never utilized before, it searches for similar phrases or words which have the same meaning and filters the results accordingly.

Before utilizing AI of this type, Google was using defined algorithms to portray outcomes in Google search. However, the approach faced several challenges since it was simpler for people to manipulate internet search engine ranking positions.

But with Rank Brain doing the work, this is not the situation any longer. More details can be searched on Google research blog about Machine Learning, Neutral Networks and the research they carry out on various projects.

8 Ways toOptimize Your Website for Google search

  •    Make exclusive and descriptive web page titles
  •    Utilize the “description” Meta tag
  •    Enhance the framework of URLs
  •    Make the navigation of your website easier
  •    Optimize readability of your content
  •    Use HTML heading tags that are rich in keyword
  •    SEO for Cellular Phones
  •    Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console